How to make topponcino

Let's make a topponcino 🙂

topponcino kit    

Topponcino materials

○Topponcino body cloth:about 28"(70cm) x 44"(110cm)

○Cover cloth:about 36"(90cm) x 44"(110cm)


cutting pattern

Estimate production time(using sewing machine) Cut:30 min. sewing topponcino cody:60 min Sewing topponcino body:60 min

How to make topponcino body

1. Put and sew two cloths together with their surface facing each other inside.  Leave the return openings and allow 0.4"(1cm) for a margin.


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2. Fold the margin by iron and turn inside out from the return openings.

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3. Iron the surface and complete the shape.

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4. Cut both sides of the top of padding and put it in the middle.

put a padding

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5. Stuffed with padding to topponchino and complete the shape.


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6. To close the return openings, sew around it.

Close the return openings  

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7.Sew and fix cover and padding.

Cloth the return openings

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How to make topponcino cover

1.  Not to get the edge of the “front”, “ Back and up” and “Back and bottom” frayed, sew machine in a zigzag or use overlock sewing machine.

Topponcino cover pattern

2. Fold “back and up” and “back and bottom” in three and sew them.


3. Place the lace on a position of the “front”.

Put the lace

4. Place “back and up” and “back and bottom” on the “front” in order.

Stack in order

5. Sew it around with 0.4"(1 cm) margin.

Sew it around

6. Turn inside out and finish.



Topponcino pattern

Pattern of topponcino opens in PDF.本体の作り方と型紙


Video of how to make topponcino

Please look here when you buy a kit.

Topponcino kit

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